Great candidate... but they have a health condition.

We know that we don’t live in an ideal world where every worker or candidate is the perfect picture of health and fitness.

Great candidate... but they have a health condition.

In Australia today we aren't the glowing picture of health we might like to think. Just under half of us have one or more chronic health conditions,[1] while two thirds of Australians over 18 are overweight or obese [2] and about 1 in 5 people identify as having a mental health condition.[3]

If you apply these statistics to your average waiting room of candidates, chances are the best person for the role likely to have a a health condition. And, you have a decision - how can you ensure ongoing fitness of the candidate for the position?

It is a minefield of challenges to consider. On the one hand you have a fantastic candidate, or even an existing worker who is being redeployed within your business, but you are aware that they have a health condition which may pose a risk to them and others in undertaking their 'essential and inherent tasks' of their role. Add to this, the cultural push for Australian organisations to build diversity and avoid discrimination -yet we must ensure the safety of our people and others.

Tearing your hair out over trying to strike a balance?

What if you could offer your worker an individualised plan to assist them to manage their health issues?

What if the plan could reduce the health concerns which may be presenting significant or forseeable risk in the workplace?

How can you do this whilst maintaining the worker's privacy and confidentiality of their medical information?

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