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When you request an independent medical opinion, you need an expert. A leader in their field. A specialist in cause, function and risk.


Our Services

Phoenix Occupational Medicine provides a comprehensive range of workplace health and safety management services. Our registered healthcare professionals are experts in their field, helping take the confusion out of workplace health and safety laws and compliance.

We work with you to customise our services to suit the needs of your business and your workers to achieve the collected goal of establishing and maintaining a safe, healthy and productive work environment.

Injury Management and Telemedicine

Phoenix Occupational Medicine believes every worker deserves access to the highest standard of medical care. This is why we break down the barriers of challenging logistics by providing our Telemedicine service to workers. Telemedicine is beneficial for the workplace for several reasons. It allows accessibility and it allows coordination – you can ensure the process is managed whether you are in Brisbane or Birsdsville.

Provide timely and accurate assessment
Provide evidence-based treatment
Assist in coordination of care for the injured worker
Ensure the worker understands their injury
Assist the workplace to understand the worker's capacity to safely return to work.
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Health Management Plans

Our medical team specialises in creating tailored healthcare management programs and services to help workers and organsiations by designing individual, goal-orientated plans.
Health management plans allow for early intervention of at-risk behaviours and improving work-life outcomes for workers.

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On The Right Track

Phoenix Occupational Medicine has developed a six-week check for recovery after workplace injury or illness. It gives an opportunity to evaluate an injured or ill worker's progress and determine factors that could delay recovery.

Has there been an accurate diagnosis?
Is further investigation required?
Has there been timely and evidence based treatment?
Is the worker progressing as expected?
What are the suitable timeframes for treatment?
What are the recommendations for the treatment plan?
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Alcohol and Drug Management

As your drug and alcohol management partner, Phoenix Occupational Medicine delivers fast, confidential advice to help you:

Ensure the integrity of drug and alcohol testing and interpretation of results
Assist with the return of employees to work following treatment and assessment, while ensuring safety and fitness for duty
Identify risk and manage those employees affected by substance abuse disorders
Provide important advice in the development of a quality Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD) program
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Occupational and Environmental Medical Consultancy

Our occupational and environmental medical consulting services cover:

Design of employment medical assessments, health surveillance, and DAMPs
Wellbeing initiatives
Education sessions, toolbox talks, and workshops
Risk communication
Incident investigation/expert witness
Injury prevention
Environmental medicine: the effect of hazards on people in the surrounding environment (i.e. the effect of effluent water on surrounding populations, and PFOS, silica and other hazardous substances risk assessment and management).
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