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A business is only as good as its people. Maintaining a safe and healthy workforce is a vital step to achieving success for all parties. With current labour markets creating an additional challenge - how can you navigate health issues effectively?

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Say 'Yes' to employing people - safely

A Health Improvement Plan is a medically guided plan that enables your employee / candidate to take control of health issues impacting on their work.

Say 'Yes' to employing people and getting the job done, safely.

A Health Improvement Plans is a tool that allows you to continue 'business as usual', within the limitations of the current labour market.  Health Improvement Plans detail goals, responsibilities and timeframes - allowing the employer with an approach to navigate sensitive issues with confidence, and empowering the employee / candidate to drive their own health change.

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Your Occupational Medicine Partner

Phoenix Occupational Medicine understands that your company is unique - and so are your workers. A Health Improvement Plan may be triggered by a pre-employment medical, as well as part of the path after non-work illness or injury.

Benefit from our experience. Our doctors understand the workplace and will provide advice relevant to the employee / candidate and employer. If health issues are a concern, don't leave it to chance, ask an expert.


Respond to current health issues

Health Improvement Plans allow for organisations to respond to current health issues and invest in the health and safety of their workforce. The benefits - you protect both your workers and your business. Health Improvement Plans are individualised programs for health concerns that present significant and foreseeable risk in the workplace.

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Individualised goals developed collaboratively by employee and doctor
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Advice from the experts in occupational medicine
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With Phoenix Occupational Medicine as your occupational health management partner, you can have peace of mind. We have the knowledge and experience required to provide advice and develop health improvement plans that contribute to a safe and healthy workplace. 

To learn more about our services or to enquire about how Phoenix Occupational Medicine can become your occupational health management partner, get in touch today. 

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