Injury Management and Telemedicine

An early and accurate medical diagnosis is key to ensuring a successful and full recovery following a work-related injury. Phoenix Occupational Medicine offers Injury Management and Telemedicine services to businesses right across Australia, providing a clear and professional medical diagnosis and ongoing support to promote the worker's safe and healthy return to work. 

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Telehealth with Phoenix Occupational Medicine

Phoenix Occupational Medicine believes every worker deserves access to the highest standard of medical care. This is why we break down the barriers of challenging logistics by providing our Telemedicine service to remote workers.

We ensure every employee is given a fair chance to recover and return to work as soon as possible - without the hurdles and expenses of always having to travel offsite to medical centres. Organisations appreciate the consistency and coordination that Telemedicine offers.

Whether your worker is based in Brisbane or beyond, our skilled health professionals provide the same high level of service and work with your organisation’s injury management protocols.

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What is Telemedicine in Australia?

Telemedicine consultations remove the obstacle of logistics to deliver timely and accurate medical assessments. Our registered medical practitioners use modern telecommunication techniques to provide medical and health services, education, and advice over both long and short distances. 

Phoenix Occupational Medicine’s Telemedicine service is highly convenient for a wide range of occupations where access to medical services may be difficult or limited. Even for organisations who are based within easy reach of health services, Telemedicine is an effective tool to enhance the coordination of injury and illness management for their workforces.

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Injury Management with Phoenix Occupational Medicine

Our Injury Management programs are tailored to suit the individual needs of your worker and your business, and encourage an effective recovery and return to work. 

We combine effective injury management with ongoing support as we understand the importance of clear communication after a workplace injury to:

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Provide timely and accurate assessment
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Provide evidence-based treatment
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Assist in coordination of care for the injured worker
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Ensure the worker understands their injury
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Assist the workplace to understand the worker's capacity to safely return to work.

Phoenix Occupational Medicine provides Telemedicine throughout Australia. If you have workers in rural and remote areas where medical services are limited, get in touch today to learn more about how Phoenix Occupational Medicine can provide fast and easy access to diagnosis and treatment from medical professionals via Telemedicine services.

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