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Actionable outcomes for workers using prescription medication where substance abuse has been identified.

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Alcohol and Drug Management

When a drug or alcohol screen triggers a non-negative result, it can be a stressful time for the worker and the organisation. Knowing how to proceed and what steps to take is critical to ensure all parties are safe and compliant with appropriate legislation.

When a non-negative result is given, this is not enough to confirm the presence of substance, so Gas Chromatography–Mass Spectrometry or GCMS is required to remove any ambiguity of the results.

Interpretation of GCMS output is a highly specialised and niche area of expertise, so the engagement of MRO services is critical to ensure the validity of the results. The implications for all parties can be far reaching, and often may not be connected to illicit substance. Upon request a Phoenix Occupational Medicine Medical Review Officer will review and interpret the GCMS results.

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Your Trusted MRO Partner

Phoenix Occupational Medicine provides MRO services to organisations throughout Australia in a consultative approach, to provide actionable outcomes for workers using prescription medication or where substance abuse has been identified.

Our doctors are certified by the Australasian Medical Review Officers Association (AMROA) to confirm and manage those workers who may be affected by substance abuse disorders.

Our Medical Review Officers have an extensive knowledge and understanding of drug and alcohol management practices, including:

Substance abuse disorders and how to manage them
Alcohol and drug testing procedures and methods
How to accurately interpret alcohol and drug test results
Pharmacology of illicit drugs
Ethical and privacy issues involved with workplace drug and alcohol testing
Laboratory methodology and quality control
Legislation and recommended standards in regards to drug and alcohol management programs
Fitness for work and other medical-related safety issues

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Benefits of our MRO Service

As your drug and alcohol management partner, Phoenix Occupational Medicine delivers fast, confidential advice to help you:

Identify risk and manage those workers affected by substance abuse disorders
Provide important advice in the development of a quality Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD) program
Ensure the integrity of drug and alcohol testing and interpretation of results
Assist with the return of workers to work following treatment and assessment, while ensuring safety and fitness for duty

Businesses are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of maintaining the health, safety and productivity of their workers. But it can be difficult to protect your business and workforce if you’re unfamiliar with the best practices, ethics, and legalities involved. That’s where the Phoenix Occupational Medicine team comes in; we can be the drug and alcohol management partner you need to cut through the legal and medical jargon and ensure your company is adopting a drug and alcohol management program that benefits you and your workers.

If you have reason to suspect an worker of having a substance abuse disorder, or you simply want to ensure your organisation has quality drug and alcohol management processes in place, Phoenix Occupational Medicine can provide genuinely useful advice to support the safety and success of your business and your workforce.
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