On The Right Track

Have you had a worker whose recovery from injury or illness seems to have slowed or plateaued? The experienced medical practitioners at Phoenix Occupational Medicine have developed a six-week check, known as On The Right Track to ensure your workers are appropriately looked after.

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Injury Recovery Advice

The On The Right Track assessment provides an opportunity to evaluate an injured or ill worker's progress and determine factors that may delay recovery. We make recommendations for the individual, their treating team and organisation to enhance recovery.

The check includes:

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Has there been an accurate diagnosis?
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Is further investigation required?
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Has there been timely and evidence based treatment?
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What are the suitable timeframes for treatment?
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Is the worker progressing as expected?
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What are the recommendations for the treatment plan?

Our medical and healthcare specialists are able to visit your worksite and discuss the individual requirements of your business and how these might impact the health and wellbeing of your team.

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support for workplaces and workforces

Injury Recovery Specialists

As an employer, you have specific legislated obligations to an ill or injured worker, including:

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Supporting the worker to return to work
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Arranging rehabilitation programs to support their recovery
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Ensuring that workers are fit to undertake the necessary inherent requirements of a role without significant and foreseeable risk of injury or illness.

While the legislative framework serves as a great start for ensuring worker safety, having additional processes in place to help your workforce be safe, healthy, and productive in your workplace is better for everyone.

How do you respond to workplace injuries or illnesses to limit the impact on your business? Do you support the affected worker to recover at work and/or return to work in an appropriate timeframe?

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Injury Management Advice

We know how important it is to keep your workforce safe and healthy. The direct and indirect costs of work-related injury and illness can have a significant impact on your bottom line.

Phoenix Occupational Medicine provides a comprehensive injury recovery management service through On The Right Track and other supporting services to assist your business in speeding up recovery for an injured worker. 

Not only are we focused on the health of your workers, we also want to help you get the best outcome for your business. We take into consideration the impacts workplace injuries and illnesses have on the individual and on your company as a whole.

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Two practitioners discuss in a professional setting

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Occupational Medicine Specialists

Our vast experience in medicine and workplace-specific health issues allows us to deliver occupational injury reviews and injury recovery management that span everything from prevention to treatment and coordinating a timely and safe return to work. 

Learn how Phoenix Occupational Medicine can help you by reviewing diagnoses, reporting, and planning treatment of illnesses, and injuries to support your workers and minimise lost time at work. Get in touch with our team today.

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