Employment Medicals and Health Surveillance

Together with our network of providers we are delivering quality customised employment medicals and health surveillance services to clients across Australia and New Zealand.

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Medicals Designed by Medical Specialists

Is the health assessment of your workers designed by medical specialists in causation, function and risk? Are they overseen by an Occupational and Environmental Physician - the only medical specialist specifically trained in assessing risk? 

Employment medical assessments can sometimes be seen as a box ticking exercise. But, this can be a high price for a document that might be looked at once and filed away. 

Our employment medicals are customised to accommodate specific job requirements. We have taken the time to understand the job description, the safety aspects of the environment the person will be working under, as well as comprehensive occupational, family and personal history.

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Assessments for every role

Matching the Capacity of the Worker with the Role

Ideally, employment assessments are aimed at enhancing the likelihood of hiring workers who can meet your specific requirements within an acceptable level of risk both to the worker and the employer. Depending on the industry, some job types require a specialised workforce and that employees be in the right physical conditions. These tasks require high levels of fitness and when the safety of workers may be at risk, it becomes imperative to carry out a medical assessment.

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Pre-existing Health Conditions?

That’s the Reality for Nearly Half of all Australians. 

We design medical assessment programs that make a genuine impact to your workforce.

We know that we don’t live in an ideal world where every worker or candidate is the perfect picture of health and fitness. In fact, just under half of Australians have one or more chronic health conditions,  two thirds of Australians over 18 are overweight or obese and about 1 in 5 people identify as having a mental health condition.

Translate that into your average waiting room full of candidates? Chances are the best person for the role may have a condition and you will need advice about ensuring their ongoing fitness for the position. Health Improvement Plans are a way of recognising a health issue and putting in place an individualised plan to manage and modify the worker’s health issues. This plan can assist with reducing or eliminating health concerns that present significant and foreseeable risk in the workplace.

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Ask the questions you need the answers for

Customised Medical Assessments

We recommend your medical assessment process and paperwork be designed with the assistance of our specialist Occupational and Environmental Physicians. Our clinic network provides a full range of medical assessment options. Contact us for your customised medical assessment.

Baseline medical options
Height, weight, body mass index (BMI)
Visual acuity including colour vision test
Hearing test including Audiometry
Cardiovascular examination
Musculoskeletal examination
Central nervous system examination
Respiratory examination including Spirometry
Drug & Alcohol Testing
Chest X-Ray
Functional Capacity Evaluation

Different to a medical examination, a Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) is an assessment of:

Physical flexibility
Physical strength
Aerobic Fitness

FCEs are appropriate where the employee is working in confined space, requires significant labour intensive work, exposed to hazardous materials, or working at heights.

Specialist Oversighting of Medical Assessment

Our Specialist Occupational and Environmental Physicians apply their experience and training to provide an oversighting service. This enables all your medicals to have the same quality oversighting regardless of where in Australia or New Zealand the medical assessment occurs

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Statutory Medicals and Health Surveillance

We provide a range of statutory medicals and health surveillance medical assessments across Australia and New Zealand

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Commercial Driver Medical 
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National Rail Workers Medical - Cat 1, Cat 2, Cat 3
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Audiometric health surveillance
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Health Surveillance – Lead, Asbestos, Crystalline Silica, QLD Coal Mine Workers Health Scheme/Coal Board, NSW Order 43 and many other hazardous substances as defined by Safe Work Australia
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Vaccinations – Hep A; Hep B, Q Fever; Tetanus
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Serology for vaccination levels - Hep A; Hep B

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