Take a few things off your list of reasons to stay awake at night

Introducing the Workplace Occupational Health Audit.

Take a few things off your list of reasons to stay awake at night

Director or CEO - it's a significant responsibility

Failure to meet your obligations can have catastrophic impact on the people in your workforce, sustainability of your business, your reputation, and YOU as the Director, or Officer.

You’re an expert in your field. Take advantage of our area of speciality.

In an unfamiliar and rapidly changing environment, you may not know what you don’t know. That’s a pretty dangerous position to be in when you’re dealing with employee health, and the implications of inaction.

Do you operate nationally?

Australia has 11 main workers’ compensation schemes with a scheme for each state and territory and 3 Commonwealth schemes. Each one is governed by different laws and may vary in the way it operates. That’s a lot of nuance to become familiar with.

Relying on Dr Google?

Google may have transformed how we find ‘a café near me’ but it’s not a solution for all situations.

Don’t let lack of medical expertise become the cause of complex and long tail claims. Knowing who to engage and when to engage is half the battle.

Need a solution?

You’re an expert in what you do,so let us help you with our specialty – occupational health. Not sure where to start? We can assist you with our Workplace Occupational Health Audit Tool:

·       a quick, and free tool to help you identify gaps in your health and safety processes

·       provides a snapshot of the solutions offered by Phoenix Occupational Medicine

·       is a starting point for your risk assessment

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