Crazy Socks for Docs 2020

We are wearing our crazy socks with Pride to raise awareness of doctors' mental health

Crazy Socks for Docs 2020

The team at Phoenix Occupational Medicine are wearing a different kind of 'support' socks today.

It's Crazy Socks for Docs day.

Doctors suffer the full range of mental health issues – anxiety, depression, burnout, fear, anger. This has never been more evident in the battles and challenges they have faced in protecting us from COVID-19.

The campaign began in 2017 by cardiologist Dr Geoff Toogood, who has championed mental health support for doctors after his own battle with mental illness.

Upon wearing odd socks to work one day, Dr Toogood found people were talking behind his back and questioning his mental health again. The reality was, his new puppy had been eating his socks but he was struck by the stigma and discrimination.

The initiative – now a global movement – calls upon people everywhere to wear fun socks on the first Friday in June, to raise awareness and normalise the mental health conversation.

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