Early intervention done right: Stopping the errors of the past - our first annual symposium

We're excited to present our first annual early intervention symposium - held jointly with Guardian Exercise Rehabilitation in Brisbane, Thursday 21 March.

Early intervention done right: Stopping the errors of the past - our first annual symposium

We’ve all seen injury management errors in the past.

“What can can we do when it starts to slip away?”

“How do we ensure we get our employee the right treatment, at the right time?”

“What are the signs things are going off track?”

At the Early Intervention Symposium you will hear about practical, evidence based approaches to injury management.  You will come to understand how to improve your approach to the management and support of injured or ill workers.

Our program will bring you a range of experts offering you:

  • Pain management information – complexities of analgesic medications and impact on work, what pain means for RTW?
  • Applying early intervention in a manufacturing setting – and how it has made a difference to employee health and the employer’s bottom line.
  • How can you guide and support employees to take control of their health?
  • How to prevent a workplace injury from unnecessarily escalating to an Independent Medical Examination.
  • Understanding where telemedicine fits into early intervention – success stories and practical guidance.
  • OEP / Pain Physician / OT / EP / PT / Ergonomist / RN / Hand Therapist - so many specialists – how do you decide who and where to seek advice?
  • New perspectives on ageing well at work.

Who should attend?

  • Insurance or Self Insurance Claims Managers
  • Human Resource Professionals, Rehabilitation and Safety Professionals
  • Return to Work Coordinators
  • Allied Health Professionals - especially those new to workplace rehabilitation
  • Relevant to all industries

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