Is ‘health’ the poor cousin in occupational health and safety?

Try our new audit tool to bring health back into the fold.

Is ‘health’ the poor cousin in occupational health and safety?

It’s a common phrase, ‘occupational health and safety’. Both are important, yet occupational health doesn’t always get the same attention as safety.

We often hear about this issue – after an incident. Sometimes an organisation is scrambling for weeks or months to try to resolve a situation – all the while the person with the injury or illness is missing out on best practice assessment and treatment.

Then the following year increased insurance premiums can follow adding an additional financial blow.

Not sure where to start?

With years of experience under our belt, our specialist occupational and environmental physicians know how to identify where things have gone wrong - or could potentially go wrong in the future.

We’ve heard how difficult it can be to know where to begin – especially if you’re in small business or new to health - so we have developed this quick and easy tool to get you started.

Introducing the New Workplace Occupational Health Audit Tool:

·       a quick, and free tool to help you identify gaps in your health and safety processes

·       provides a snapshot of the solutions offered by Phoenix Occupational Medicine

·       is a starting point for your risk assessment.

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