Microblog #1 Why get back to work?

146 words on why RTW is important. Based on Dr Sid O'Toole's presentation - Managing the Greatest Barrier to RTW : Fear.

Microblog #1 Why get back to work?

Work is good for us.

The body craves routine. We have a circadian rhythm and work is a key force for our interactions with the world.  


“Getting out of bed, driving to work, screaming at drivers, coming to work and talking to your mates and having a bit of winge about the boss - That is all 'normal' and we need to maintain this.” Dr Sid O'Toole.

We need to maintain using the muscles the way they were being used in order to prevent deconditioning and most importantly to return to work reduces the likelihood of a secondary psychological injury.


With the pressures we have on mental health right now - with all these external things that are happening in our world are out of our control - anything we can do to reduce the likelihood of mental health concerns should be addressed as a priority.

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