Microblog #6 Overcoming fear in RTW

The key to overcoming fear in the RTW process is clear communication. And that needs to start with the diagnosis.

Microblog #6 Overcoming fear in RTW

Everyone has got to be on the same page.  We as doctors have to start at the very start.  We have to make sure we get the diagnosis right. We match the mechanism of the injury to the symptoms, it sounds simple, but that is not necessarily the case!  

When we get that diagnosis correct then we can apply evidence based management - and that management is more than just putting the plaster cast on the broken arm.  

We need to manage the process - getting the key people involved, the injured worker, their family, their workplace and their caregivers all on the same page moving forward.  That way we can get people back to work as soon as possible and as soon as it is safe.

Sometimes these things are complex and you need a medical advisor to look in from the outside. That is where we come in and that is why we are always available help to guide you towards good outcomes.

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