Pain. What if you intervene early?

An employee sustains an injury. The injury is repairing. But the pain seems to hanging around. What's happening and what can you do to assist?

Pain. What if you intervene early?

Pain following injury

Workplace injuries can be physically and emotionally challenging, often leading to a prolonged recovery process. What many fail to recognise is the significant role that pain plays in impeding this recovery journey. Beyond the obvious discomfort, pain can have far-reaching consequences, affecting both the body and mind, and slowing down the healing process. The Health Benefits of Good Work, promote return to work as a key part of recovery, but when a worker has persistent pain this needs to be done in a way that is supported, graduated and supervised by professionals.


One primary reason pain hampers recovery is its impact on mobility. Injured workers may find it difficult to engage in rehabilitative exercises due to the discomfort associated with movement. This lack of activity can lead to muscle atrophy and joint stiffness, further complicating the recovery process.

But what if you could intervene early?

What if you knew what signs to look for?

And then knew who to ask to help guide your employee through this process?

Addressing pain as part of the overall recovery plan is essential. This may involve a combination of pain management strategies, such as medication, physiotherapy, exercise physiology, psychological support and getting back to meaningful work.

A solution - at level 16, 100 Edward St Brisbane.

At Phoenix Occupational Medicine we now have the Guardian Exercise Rehabilitation Gym on-site at our Brisbane clinic. Bringing you the combination of medical injury management from our specialist Occupational and Environmental Physicians and the rehabilitation and reconditioning skills from the Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists. What better way to support and guide your employee to recovery at work?

Understanding the profound impact of pain on workplace injury recovery is crucial for both individuals and employers. By addressing pain as a significant barrier to healing, we can develop more comprehensive and effective strategies to support injured workers on their journey to recovery. This not only benefits the individuals involved but also contributes to a healthier and more productive workforce.

If you are concerned about an employee following injury - get in touch with the team by phoning 3333 2222 and we can assist.

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