Wearing too many hats in your SME? What are you missing?

Could improved staff health and the potential to save on your workers compensation costs was hiding under the OHS hat?

Wearing too many hats in your SME? What are you missing?

As an SME you have many hats to wear and many competing demands. Finance hat? HR hat? Legal and regulatory hat? Marketing hat? Is it time to get some help with the health and safety hat?

The risks hiding under the hat?

Failure to meet your obligations can have catastrophic impact on the people in your workforce, sustainability of your business, your reputation, and You as the Director.

We often hear about missed opportunities – after an incident. Sometimes an organisation is scrambling for weeks or months to try to resolve a situation – all the while the person with the injury or illness is missing out on best practice assessment and treatment.

Then the following year increased insurance premiums may follow adding an additional financial blow.

Tight budget…

Is not a reason for avoiding health and safety obligations.

As an SME we appreciate the challenge. Our audit enables us to direct you to the most pressing issues and we can then advise you on your options to meet your responsibilities.

Not sure where to start?

You’re an expert in what you do,so let us help you with our specialty – occupational health. Not sure where tostart? We can assist you with our Workplace Occupational Health Audit Tool.

This tool has been designed to show businesses, small andl arge, their blind spots and provide instant, actionable steps on how to improve.

·      It takes just 5 minutes

·      It’s completely free

·      Receive customised results instantly.

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