Reopening. When will it be safe to get back to work?

Dr Sid O'Toole's webinar is now available for download.

Reopening. When will it be safe to get back to work?

Dr Sid O’Toole will review the key risks and questions for organisations planning a return to work and workplaces including:

  • Should everyone return to the office at once? Or in shifts?
  • Should some people continue to work from home?
  • At risk groups – Culture and checklists and when to get medical advice
  • The rest of the workforce – Getting to and from work / workspace set up for social distancing in the office
  • When the excitement of RTW is over – Will we see a rise of old niggles, disharmony and even injuries?
  • The winter ahead – How to manage ‘just a sniffle’; Should we all wear masks? ; Should we be taking people’s temperatures? What about privacy? A contingency plan for outbreaks?
  • Beyond COVID-19 – What aspects of this period do we want to keep for future workplace health?

Naturally every organisation has its own unique culture and considerations, so if you still have questions after viewing the webinar the team at Phoenix are here to assist.

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