You wouldn't let your physio/EP do your brain surgery...

And neither should you risk your Workplace Health Surveillance

You wouldn't let your physio/EP do your brain surgery...

Workplace Health Surveillance is more than just a legal requirement to protect your workforce, it is how you prove your safety systems work and how you make sure that your workers get home every day without being made sick by your company.

In a world where health surveillance became a commodity, offered by so many as they saw the opportunity to make a quick buck, the race to the bottom resulted in the re-emergence of Black Lung and allowed for Silicosis in stonemasons in Australia. This is unforgivable. Your people deserve better, and your company deserves better.

Workplace Health Surveillance isn’t just a box that needs to be ticked. It requires expertise in the medical management of this complex health risk. Only Occupational and Environmental Physicians are experts in this area, specialist medical practitioners specifically trained in the prevention and management of Workplace diseases.

You need, and your workers deserve, only the best level of protection. You need specialist care that comes from a partnership with a company that speaks your language and the language of your workforce. And this only comes from a company that has been built from the ground up, by Occupational and Environmental Physicians whose sole purpose is to keep workers safe, healthy and productive, now and for the rest of their lives.

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